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With another milestone in attendance figures on the horizon, we thought we'd celebrate the fact by nominating a lucky ticket!!

Ticket number 3000 will be automatically upgraded to a VIP access all areas ticket!

Don't delay - book today!

Courtney Pine - HOUSE OF LEGENDS comes to Wiltshire 

Courtney Pine's "House of Legends" tour rolls through Wiltshire, pausing at this years Woolley Festival on Sunday 7th Sept.

No musician more embodies the innovations and dramatic transformation of the British jazz scene over the past twenty-plus years than Courtney Pine C.B.E. Fresh from sell-out international tours, we are delighted to welcome Courtney to the Woolley Festival with the critically acclaimed live set from his new album "House of Legends".

Deeply steeped in the traditions of the Caribbean, this very personal project sees Courtney on top form. Expect an exhilarating mix of Merengue, Ska, Mento and Calypso as played through the lens (saxophone) of a UK born artist with strong, proud Afro-Caribbean roots!


Not received your ticket yet?  Well -  you're not going to.

Don't Panic!

We are bringing into effect a barcode based scheme for this years event.  You will receive an email with a link to a voucher for your tickets.  Please print this voucher out and bring it with you, it has a pair of barcodes that will be scanned at the gate and exchanged for your wristband(s).  You will get 1 voucher for each order you have placed, so if you have purchased 10 tickets at the same time you will get 1 voucher, if you have purchased 10 tickets on 10 different orders you will get 10 vouchers.

Each barcode can only be scanned and accepted once - multiple scans will be flagged by the gate security, so if you have bought multiple tickets on behalf of other people, please do not send each of them the link - a double scan will result in refusal of entry.  Instead arrange to meet them either in the parking area, camping area, or farm cafe and issue the wristbands that you have collected on their behalf. 
Please also bring ID with you so that should we need to we can verify that it is you that the tickets are for and not the nasty piece of work that hacked your email and printed your voucher.  On the subject of emails:  CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER, our voucher ticket may end up there.  Voucher emails will begin going out later this week, so stay frosty people.
Be seeing you :)

Woolley Festival plays host to the first date of Jesus Jones' 25th Anniversary Tour - featuring the original line up playing the smash hit album "Doubt" in it's entirety, for the first time anywhere!


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